Hi, I’m Amy

Xtropy, LLC gets its name from Extropy, which is a concept that life will continue to expand throughout the universe as a result of human intelligence and technology. It is an evolving framework of values and standards for continuously improving the human condition. Over time and after many hard lessons, life teaches us. Our company wants to help make life a little easier by providing an all-inclusive “one-stop shop” service. We know most people are like us, busy and just trying to make a living so they can provide for and spend time with their family. We want to make things just a little bit easier by helping to create a business website for one low cost.

Mission statement: To consolidate the complexity of building a great website, making it easier for business owners to be seen and do business.

Vision statement: Connecting business owners to customers quickly and easily so they can focus on their family.

Value statement: Creativity, personal style, efficiency, quality of life and affordability.